About Justin

Through hard work, prayerful pleading, and a little bit of dumb luck, I’m one of the lucky few who has carved out a nice little life that I truly love and appreciate. I’ve always been a bit of an explorer, trying out different places, careers, and schools of thought. If life is a journey, let’s just say I’m not averse to pulling off the side of the road if something catches my attention.

Until recently I’d been something of a restless soul in my professional life. I never seemed to find that “right fit” until I came across a job as a Web Applications Developer and was given the opportunity to exercise both my brain and my creative impulses each and every day. It’s nice to have a job where my biggest problem is not having enough work to do each day!

I have a saintly wife (Katie) and two adorable children (Evelyn and A.J.) who are teaching me how to grow up and stay young at the same time. I’m a bit of a homebody, love reading great literature, playing my guitar, producing music on my computer, and trying not to kill myself or anyone else on the soccer field. My favorite quote, one that fits well with my life as a goal achievement specialist, comes from J.R.R Tolkien. He says:

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

That’s why goal setting is so important, I think. It gives us a chance to dare to achieve something we’re not sure we can – and when we find we can, we become more and more curious to see just how far we can travel!