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The Spirit of St. Nick…

December 24, 2011

As you celebrate Christmas, I hope that you’ll feel the “Spirit of St. Nick”, and that you’ll experience much peace, joy, and love…

Merry Christmas!


“Spirit of St. Nick”
~From the Dear Abby column in the Denver Rocky Mountain News~

Dear Abby:

I was disappointed in your response to the grandmother regarding her
grandson’s belief in Santa Claus. I agree the truth should be told, but
HOW can make the difference.

When I asked if there was a Santa, my mother said, “Santa isn’t a real
person at the North Pole, but the Santa we see on TV and in stores is
a reminder of the Santa *spirit*, which spreads joy and happiness.
Daddy is a Santa Claus, Mom is Santa Claus, Grandma and Grandpa
are Santa Claus. They buy you gifts and do nice things for you because
they love you and want to make you happy. Now you’re old enough,
you too, can be Santa Claus.”

I was, and am, Santa Claus. At first, part of being Santa was keeping the
illusion alive for younger siblings. I got to stay up late and wrap the stocking
stuffers. It meant drinking the milk and eating the cookies left for Santa.

As I grew older, the Santa spirit grew. In college, my dorm mates and I played
“Secret Santas”, delivering little gifts to each other during finals week. Later in
life, I’d drop off Christmas cookies to the nearest fire or police station on Christmas
Eve.You can be Santa while shopping — whistle Christmas carols, wear bells that
jingle, smile at those you pass — be patient with clerks.

I hope my Santa spirit will be with me throughout the year, and that others will
find the same joy that comes from being Santa Claus.

~ A Jolly Elf ~

story found at: christmas.xeweb.com

photo credit: www.irishcentral.com

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