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5 Rules of Happiness from Ronald Colunga

December 8, 2011

Found this at amsdaily.net, and really enjoyed it. Hope you do to.


I have five rules of happiness which I would like to share today. I apply these rules to my everyday life, which helps me get through my days a lot smoother. Let us see if you can apply them in your own life as well.

Rule number 1: Don’t Hate 

Don’t hate is a very important rule. People hate for ridiculous reasons, one of the main ones is of course jealousy. Hate fills up a individual with rage and revenge, it makes people do things that they will have to live with in their conscious. It blinds them to only one color and one emotion. We do not want to hate and have that negative energy in our lives. Now, let’s turn this “Hate” into positive energy. Let’s use it for inspiration and motivation. Let hate motivate us to be better then what we are, to make us do things to prosper and help us out with our lives. Let’s use it as inspiration and inspire us to become what me want in life to achieve our dreams and make them a reality.

Rule number 2: Don’t Worry

Stress is a psychological state of emotional and mental tension. It stops us from doing what we want to do and affects us in our lives. That is where the “Don’t Worry” rule comes from. When we worry about little issues, we are actually hurting ourselves in the process. Stop worrying in life, things will always get better. Everything is also a learning experience. Take that time to sit down and reflect on what happened, educate yourself, and move on. Don’t let it affect you, keep it moving with a smile on your face.

Rule number 3: Give More

Everyone likes receiving gifts of course. The real satisfaction is in giving. There is nothing like giving a individual a gift and seeing their faces light up. The state of happiness that they get from your good deed is priceless. Instead of wanting to receive, start giving more, it is really an unbelievable feeling. Give in any way you can to anyone you can. Even if it’s a dollar cheeseburger to one less fortunate, just take a second and see how grateful they are for your deed.

Rule number 4: Expect Less

Stop expecting too much from people. When you expect less from other people you won’t be let down as much. Now, I’m not saying to entirely stop believing in people, just make plan B’s and be ready for the unexpected to happen. This rule correlates with Rule number 3, when you start giving more you start to expect less. Not much to say about this rule is at straight forward as can be and the easiest one to apply to you life.

Rule number 5: Live Simply

My favorite rule and the most important one is to live simply. Make life a simple one, don’t make it too complex. It will just make it harder for you. Live simply and enjoy the little things in life. The simple things are the best and will teach you the most. Do not take these things for granted, if you can, apply this to who you are. Always remember ” Make It Simple”.

photo credit: lifelonghappiness