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Be Bold. Take Action.

December 7, 2011

Found this thought-provoking post at blacksuitthinking today, and thought I’d share it with you. I particularly like the quote at the end from Abraham Lincoln.


Life doesn’t reward knowledge. LIFE REWARDS ACTION.

You can study the mechanics and physics of hammering a nail, refine your technique and watch footage of world class hammerers all day, but the guy who actually picks up the hammer and starts swinging is the one who gets the job done.

History is full of people who lacked education or training, but possessed drive, belief, and they went out and did something. These people changed the world with their bare hands and their minds. Step out into any busy street in the world, and you wouldn’t be able to throw a brick 5 meters without hitting someone who has a string of letters after their name and yet they’re working an unfulfilling job, bored at home, and watching their world (and their life) just slowly drift downstream.

Maybe the less advantaged have a chip on their shoulder and over compensate, leading to more meaningful action being taken and greater rewards. Who knows? I wouldn’t want to generalise too much, anyway.

Personally, I think a balance of the educated and the do-er is the ideal. I don’t rush into things blindly, I usually have the odds stacked in my favour before I act decisively.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln “If I had 10 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 8 sharpening my axe.” But notice that there comes a point when the preparation ends and the chopping begins.


My Two Cents: Part of the EASIER Method of Goal Achievement is implementing your strategy. It’s painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised how many well-meaning folks create plan after plan, but never take action. Once you’ve got a halfway decent strategy, be bold, and implement that strategy. If there are weaknesses in your strategy, they’ll become obvious soon enough, and you can tweak your strategy then.

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photo credit: wiredforchange