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9 Ways to Get Ahead Faster

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From strollwithoutshoes. I’m not sure the list is comprehensive, but it’s all good advice.


From staying motivated to protecting your mental health, here are 9 ways to move closer to happiness, one focused step at a time.

Focus On Your Long-Term Goals

Whether it’s dealing with a difficult colleague or moving past the ending of a relationship, getting “stuck in the moment” is something that comes quite easy to the most of us.  Instead of placing what was said and done on a loop in your mind, think about what your ultimate goal is and use the “big picture” as a magnifying glass. You’ll likely navigate through your current situation with greater ease.

Respect Yourself

Think about the things you value, your goals and needs and what you consider to be respectful behavior.  While we all value different things and are motivated by our own specific moral code, it’s important that we honor what lies closest to our heart.  Pushing yourself to behave differently in order to “fit in” or with the hopes of finding happiness will only bring regret and sticky situations.

Be Grateful

Those people who support you, reach out to you, show you compassion and love?  They don’t have to do it, they choose to give you these gifts.  That job you complain about pays your bills.  That clean bill of health? A big deal.  If you need a little help appreciating something, simply spend a few moments to imagine it being taken away from you right this moment.

Respect Others

Mr. Buechner had it right when he said that people will forget what we say and do but will always remember how we made them feel.  I have also found that remaining calm and kind gets me through situations (and closer to the outcome that I want) much faster.

Be a Person of Honor

Be where you say you will be, do what you say you will do, be honest about your intentions and stay close to your values, even when no one is watching. Not only will this make life less complicated, it will keep your reputation polished.

Steer Clear of Toxic People

We all have periods when we feel depressed and defeated, but surrounding yourself with compulsive critics, procrastinators, complainers and drama kings/queens is going to do little more than pull you down, fog up your mental space, hold you back and get your name and persona associated with the negative emotions they evoke in others.

Stay Focused

In this digital age, there are more ways to distract yourself than ever before.  Sit down and plan out your day by placing yourself on a schedule.  Put in some “downtime” and remember what Will Smith said, “You may be smarter and more talented, but you will not out run me.” Stay on track.

Move “Onto The Next”

Know that life is a living and breathing (and moving) thing.  You don’t have to jump in and out of relationships, jobs, situations, but you do need to understand that everything will follow the times (and therefore it will twist, turn and morph). Be flexible and move with it.

Be Willing To Do The Work

Only children have an excuse to think that life will always be easy.  Adults  know that relationships will not always be easy, jobs will not always be secure, friendships will not always be happy, sex will not always be great and metabolisms will not always be high.   Everything worth having takes work, and successful adults roll up their sleeves to do it.


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Be Bold. Take Action.

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Found this thought-provoking post at blacksuitthinking today, and thought I’d share it with you. I particularly like the quote at the end from Abraham Lincoln.


Life doesn’t reward knowledge. LIFE REWARDS ACTION.

You can study the mechanics and physics of hammering a nail, refine your technique and watch footage of world class hammerers all day, but the guy who actually picks up the hammer and starts swinging is the one who gets the job done.

History is full of people who lacked education or training, but possessed drive, belief, and they went out and did something. These people changed the world with their bare hands and their minds. Step out into any busy street in the world, and you wouldn’t be able to throw a brick 5 meters without hitting someone who has a string of letters after their name and yet they’re working an unfulfilling job, bored at home, and watching their world (and their life) just slowly drift downstream.

Maybe the less advantaged have a chip on their shoulder and over compensate, leading to more meaningful action being taken and greater rewards. Who knows? I wouldn’t want to generalise too much, anyway.

Personally, I think a balance of the educated and the do-er is the ideal. I don’t rush into things blindly, I usually have the odds stacked in my favour before I act decisively.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln “If I had 10 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 8 sharpening my axe.” But notice that there comes a point when the preparation ends and the chopping begins.


My Two Cents: Part of the EASIER Method of Goal Achievement is implementing your strategy. It’s painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised how many well-meaning folks create plan after plan, but never take action. Once you’ve got a halfway decent strategy, be bold, and implement that strategy. If there are weaknesses in your strategy, they’ll become obvious soon enough, and you can tweak your strategy then.

To learn more about the EASIER Method, download a copy of my free ebook Success! A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams.

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