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Trust the Universe…

December 5, 2011

A nice quote that I found at the Goal Habits blog:


“Trust the Universe. Trust and believe and have faith. I truly had no idea how I was going to bring the knowledge of The Secret onto the movie screen. I just held to the outcome of the vision, I saw the outcome clearly in my mind, I felt it with all my might, and everything that we needed to create The Secret came to us.”   —Rhonda Byrne


My Two Cents: There seems to be a common theme running through many of my posts lately: the theme of envisioning the outcome of your goal before you’ve achieved it. The more I read on the topic of personal development, the more I see the importance of this critical piece of goal achievement. It’s important that we spend time each day thinking about and trying to envision our ideal life. By doing so, we let our mind know what it is that we’d like to achieve, and we focus our attention on things that will help bring our goals to pass.