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What to Say When You Talk to Yourself…

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Found this post at Connie Lee’s website and thought you’d enjoy it:


Does your self-talk playlist create confidence in you?

Do the messages you tell yourself instill a positive attitude within?

It’s surprising how strongly entrenched some of our negative self-talk can be and how quickly those devastatingly detrimental messages can take hold, if we allow them.

You do all this work focusing on becoming the best ‘you’, you can be.

You have your hopes and dreams, your wishes and desires.

You may even have an Active Vision Board to help move you towards your goals.

You write your blessings in your Gratitude Journal.

You have affirmations sprinkled on post-it notes, greeting you throughout your day.

Be Vigilant and Aware

Those damaging and hurtful ideas have a way of sneaking into your brain even while you’re attention is focused and you’re engaged in other activities.

Disapproving and antagonistic thoughts are as harmful to you as any bacteria or virus.

It’s not important how this happens or even that it happens.

What’s important is what you choose to do about it once those dangerous, defeating voices slither back into your head.


So what do you do when you experience negative self-talk? Share your thoughts below…

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