November 22, 2011

Came across this post at Beth and Lee’s blog and thought I’d share it with you:

“Is it possible that one of the reasons you may not have received an answer or what you want in a quicker way is because you thought that maybe, just maybe, that it MIGHT happen instead of having the vibration of faith that it WILL happen all in the right time it should? Know that you must have thoughts of knowing and expecting something to come about and that the foundation is being built for it the moment you begin to focus upon it. Keep the faith and expect it to manifest.  Know that having trust and faith is an attitude you portray in your life experience. Let it flow through your vibrations. If you have put a limit on your faith then faith will limit you as well.”


My Two Cents: One of the key things we must be able to do if we want to achieve our goals is to envision our life as if we’ve already achieved it. If we don’t have faith in our abilities, or faith in the world around us, we’ll never be able to complete this visualization process. Changing negative thought patterns is very difficult, but we must be able to change those doubts into faith if we’re going to achieve our vast potential.