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10 Habits of Successful People

November 19, 2011

Another great post from Michael Haskett’s blog:

1)  Successful people live their lives with  purpose.  They follow a Higher calling. They have a sense of destiny which gives them the ability to focus and not get distracted by things that would move them away from their purpose. They sacrifice the good in order to have the great and to live for their true reason to be.

2) Successful people live their lives in pursuit of excellence.  They are always striving to improve their game and to get better every day.  They live their lives with intention and awareness, in hot pursuit of their dreams and goals.

3) They understand their success is dependent upon other people and treat them well.  They lift people up and encourage them. They care about people and make life better for many because they lived and walked in the footsteps of  their destinies.

4) Successful people take responsibility.  Taking  responsibility for a problem  gives a leader the power to fix it. When we blame others we give away our power and lose control of our success. Problems are the fuel that leaders use to  grow and propel them forward by solving them.  Taking responsibility for a problem is an opportunity to grow and get better.

5) Successful leaders are constantly taking on new challenges. They do not fall prey to to getting comfortable where they are  and stagnate. Instead , they learn and grow by stepping outside of their comfort zones. Successful people understand that conquering new territory can only be done through taking on new challenges.

6) Leaders get things done regardless of situations.  They do not let circumstances stand in their way and block their paths. They move forward and persist.  Their vision is too big to allow a seemingly bad situation to stop them. They rise to the occasion as victors instead of falling as victims.  When conditions are not ideal they create them.

7) Successful people have a strong work ethic. They are willing to work hard and pay the price necessary to achieve their dreams. They understand that sacrifice is the production of sacred things and that nothing great is accomplished without hard work.

8) Leaders know the most important investment they can make is in themselves. They are always gaining wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and these things can never be taken away. They feed themselves through reading books, listening to audios, and attending seminars. The more they gain through investing in their minds the more they are able to apply to serving others and adding value to other peoples  lives.

9) Successful leaders have perseverance. They simply will not quit. They persevere through the ups and downs and just keep going, no matter what. Many of the greatest success breakthroughs have occurred  just beyond the darkest times, through persistence beyond seemingly insurmountable obstacles. On the other hand, so many more have failed because they gave up just before their breakthrough. Leaders understand that overnight successes were years in the making. So often success comes through hanging on longer than everybody else.

10) Successful people prioritize their actions. All decisions will take us either closer to our goals or further away from our goals. Success requires purposefully not doing certain things that might be really good but will not bring us closer to our dreams. So many people abandon their dreams and fail because they give up what they really want in the future for what they can have in the moment.