Contributing to Life

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

On his blog, Chuck Gallozzi wrote a great post on service. Here’s some of what he said:

“Immediately following the devastating earthquake, the world came rushing to the aid of Haiti. After all, people are generous by nature and eagerly and willingly help those that are obviously in need. But often there are others who suffer silently and go unnoticed. Strangely, the needs of people in far-off lands may become more known than those near at hand. Members of our own family, coworkers, and countless others that we interact with on a daily basis have needs that we somehow overlook.

Because they are not trapped under collapsed buildings, their needs do not scream out for our attention. Yet, many are crushed by the weight of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. They feel unappreciated, unloved, and unsure of themselves. Some are out of touch with the grandeur of life. They are lost souls, failing to understand that life is a magnificent adventure. They are wounded warriors in need of help. They need to be encouraged to get up after falling. They need to be inspired and uplifted. Here’s where you come in. You can make a difference in their lives. And when you do so, you make a difference to life itself.

What can you do? Recognize their accomplishments with praise. Listen to what they have to say with interest. Don’t scold, but smile. Mend their broken spirits with kindness. Remember, no seed ever sees the flower it will become. No one you meet ever sees the magnificent being they can become. That’s why your presence is needed. You can nurture their spirit with inspiration and encourage them to grow into all they can become.”

Read the whole post here.


My Two Cents: Look around. Everyone around you needs something – can you find out what their needs are and strive to meet them? Serving others is the most sure-fire way to improve your mood and gain a feeling of inner peace. Set a goal to serve others at least five times a day for the next month, and see what shows up in your life.

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