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The Hilltop Rule

November 15, 2011

Life Coach Sharon Teitelbaum in her ‘Work Life Sanity’ blog had a great post about what she calls the “Hilltop Rule”. Here’s the part that I really liked:

“One of the most powerful strategies I learned pertained to hill climbing.  Here’s what I learned.  While riding up a steep hill, don’t look at the top of the hill: it will overwhelm, frighten, and discourage you.  Stay focused on the immediate challenge: this pedal stroke, followed by the next pedal stroke, and so forth.  And notice the very local scenery: “Huh, that looks like wild Morning Glories growing there” or “Looks like gravel up ahead.”


My Two Cents:

This rule applies very well to goal setting. Once you’ve set the overall goal, the best way to achieve it is not to look at it as a whole, but to break it apart into several actionable items. Then *focus on the small, day to day activities that will eventually get you to where you want to be*. Take time now and again to glance up and see where you are in relation to the overall goal, but spend most of your time focusing on what needs to be done next, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself where you wanted to be!