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November 15, 2011

I was surfing around for new content today, and ran across this blog post. I thought it was great, especially the beginning:

“Here’s some great news. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is enormously blessed with unique gifts, talents, skills, circumstances, and abilities. It is a profound joy in life to express, exploit, expand upon, and share those gifts. Not only is it a joy, it is also the key to achieving success.

But wait, there is even better news. Everyone, even you and I, are also blessed with flaws, blemishes, shortcomings, weaknesses, inadequacies, and holes in the brain.

How is that good news?

It is good news because it means none of us can “go it alone.” We are forced (blessedly so) to collaborate with others in order to become successful. We must find someone who zigs when we zag, someone who is strong where we are limp, someone whose unique strengths complement and add power to our distinctive strengths.”


My Two Cents: I don’t even have two cents for this post… it’s said so perfectly above!

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